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  • About Us ?

    Generations in the field of machines to work wood and other materials.
    In the ’50 our parents Diego Campi and Romano Campi with our grandfather Fabio Campi founded I.M.A. in Pescara, the main producer of woodworking machines at world level.
    Now we (Fabio Campi, Mauro Campi, Michele Campi) have had the crazy idea to continue their work in part, thanks – above all – to the huge experience received by our parents.

    • Beginning . . .

      MAKXILIA s.r.l. was founded in 2002 to offer an innovative service to all operators that work different materials like wood, plexiglass, plastic materials …

    • Professionalism . . .

      We have a considerable heritage of professionalism and knowledges and found our competitive strategy on the quality of products and of customer service.

    • Production . . .

      In collaboration, we propose Shredders and compactors to reduce the volume of waste polystyrene (EPS), or by grinding them and compress into blocks for resale and gain a profit from your initial problem.
      With incredibly competitive prices.

    • Customer Service . . .

      All produced according to E.C. rules.
      We give our guarantee of 24 months.
      A customer service with technical support made by highly skilled staff.
      A commercial service always ready to find the best solution for all customers.

    • Experience . . .

      Years of experience at the service of all customer categories.
      All this has allowed us even to export machines and complete installations more and more successfully, receiving great references from anywhere.

    • Call Us . . .

      Contact us for any doubt or special require, if necessary we’ll send a representative of ours to your home in order to sort out the best solution for your productive problem.

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